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Korean Tradition for Hangover Prevention

Korean Tradition for Hangover Prevention

Elevate your drinking routine with AWKN® Recover Support Pro-Blend. Korean tradition meets modern wellness for easier mornings after a night out.

Boost Liver Function

Protect Stomach Lining

Relieve Nausea

Lessen Migraine

Improve Hydration

As seen in

Thank Us The Next Day

Have work in the morning?

We get it, you're tired of sacrificing your mornings after a night out. We're for the social butterflies who refuse to sacrifice wellness and life's priorities for tonight's fun.

AWKN Before and After Drinking

Before or While You Drink

Take one sachet before or while drinking to prepare and set the night right with protection.

After Your Last Drink

Take another sachet after your last drink. Remember to celebrate responsibly and keep hydrated.

Go to Bed with Ease

AWKN® works while you sleep for easy mornings, you can thank us later.

Based on korean remedies

AWKN® stands out by keeping it real

Our recipe draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Korean traditional medicine. Each drop is a nod to the legacy of well-being that's stood the test of time.

We did the math for you


AWKN® priorities premium natural ingredients that have been proven through centuries of Korean tradition. We focus on rigorously tested ingredients that support your body to naturally detox before you develop a hangover.

Playing catch-up the next day

Aspirin, Black coffee, Vitamin water, Cup of noodles, Greasy burger — the list goes on with unreliable urban myths about what might help when the damage is already done.

Competitor products

Although we don't want to give any names, many competitors are mostly made of chemical fillers and ineffective amounts of vitamins.

Relieve Nausea

Lessen Migraine

Improve Hydration

Boost Liver Function

Protect Stomach Lining

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Ditching the electrolyte trend for a formula steeped in centuries-old tradition.

We're Proud To Be

Vegetarian Friendly

Gluten Free

Caffeine Free

Dairy Free

No Artificial Colouring

Product of Korea

Taken without water

Why Choose AWKN®

HACCP Approved and Natural

We made it our priority to enhance our body's natural ability to detox alcohol and effectively break down the root cause of hangovers in a safe way with a manufacturer that is HACCP-approved.

Lab Developed Recipe

When creating AWKN®, we diligently collaborated with a lab in Korea to consult which ingredients should be included in our recipe based on their numerous yeas of research on efficacy.

Integrity and Honesty

Sister co-founders, Tess and Soom, made a promise that they wouldn’t compromise quality and integrity, even if it gave them better margins and shortcuts to reach the pockets of customers.

Reliable Hangover Solution

AWKN® Recover Support Pro-Blend uses ⁠Bioavailable Liquid Formulation to optimize bioavailability of the active ingredients to improve effective absorption. Compared to alternative competitor products on the market which are in pill or powder form, AWKN® ensures absorption within minutes due to predigestion that is enabled from our Bioavailable Liquid Formulation method.

Result Speaks Louder

12 Ingredients from Korea's Hangover Secret

From antioxidant-rich glutathione to the liver-loving milk thistle, our formulations have been rigorously tested. Studies show significant reductions in oxidative stress, liver enzyme levels, and inflammation – all key players in the detox game.

Our Key Ingredients

Korean Ginseng

This ancient herb isn't just a cultural treasure; it's backed by research for its potential to alleviate hangover symptoms and support overall well-being.

Korean Curcumin

Derived from turmeric, this anti-inflammatory powerhouse aids in reducing the impact of alcohol on the body.

Korean Pear

A hydrating and nutrient-rich addition to aid in recovery.

Milk Thistle

A liver superhero, known to protect and promote liver health, a crucial element in the aftermath of a night out.

Reishi Mushroom

Known for its potential liver-protective effects, contributing to a healthier post-celebration experience.

Vitamin B2 & B6

Essential B vitamins play a key role in energy metabolism and combating fatigue.

Vitamin C

Known for its immune-boosting properties, Vitamin C is a key player in helping your body recover and resist alcohol-induced stress.


Nature's sweet nectar, loaded with antioxidants to support your body's natural detoxification process.


With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, ginger helps ease nausea and digestive discomfort.

Prickly Pear

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this desert gem supports rehydration and recovery.


Promoting gut health, probiotic helps maintain a balanced digestive system.

Citric Acid

A natural detoxifier, citric acid supports the elimination of toxins from the body.


Plays a crucial role in supporting the liver's detoxification process after alcohol consumption.


Taurine combat fatigue associated with alcohol consumption, helping you wake up refreshed after a night out.

Ready to Reclaim Your Mornings?

Ditching the electrolyte trend for a formula steeped in centuries-old tradition. Our ingredients passed the test with flying colours, and we've paired them with cutting-edge science in our top-notch lab.

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Seems to work

I don’t have a control group for my self experiment but the mornings after sitting in a bar and having a few drinks just feel like I am 22 again.
Will be a staple at my home from now on that’s for sure!

Great Purchase

Was sceptical at first, but can't believe they actually worked. 100% going to re-order as soon as they come back in stock. No more sore head the morning after


Yeah pretty impressed. Definitely takes the edge off your head and makes you more functional the next day. Right enough it's not a miracle cure if you go mental. You'll still know you drank 10 pints the night before, but you might be able to write an email prior to midday.

Miriam Barnhart
Straight up brain juice

I’ve taken this multiple times prior to going out for a big night with friends and my future self is always grateful. That post-drinking brain fog never happens and I feel like a real human. Highly recommend!

Valeria BK
Magical tasty cure

As a very easy hangover type of girl, I am always looking for a solution to prevent this. I was skeptical at first but was sold after a night out having dinner and wine with the girls. Not only the taste is so good but it actually prevented me from feeling like a dead zombie the next morning. I am recommending all of my friends every time we go out for dinner and everybody is surprised at first and then it ends up preventing them from wanting to die the next morning. Very happy with this product and will keep buying them!!

11/10 recommend!