How AWKN started

The idea sprouted from a late night out before the great lockdown, and after over hundreds of Zoom calls, thousands of hours of research and endless testing and verifying, AWKN was finally born.

With AWKN, we wanted to make sure you can make the most out of your days -

to eat, drink, laugh and dance again.

You deserve it.

  • The Idea

    You guessed it - AWKN is short for awaken. Short, sweet and zero fuss, it’s a name that focuses on the important things - just like you will with AWKN.

  • Our Mission

    We’re all about balance. Balance between modern science and traditional formulations. Balance between productive days, and indulgent nights.

  • Our Principle

    Our formulations are developed with purpose and integrity. Guided by Korean tradition, grounded in scientific research.

  • Our Promise

    We use only the highest quality ingredients that are proven to be effective in helping your body recover from the effects of alcohol.

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  • Amabel

    Step aside Henry Golding, there’s a new British-Malaysian kid on the block. Born into a family of doctors, Ami grew up with an appreciation for the power of both eastern and western medicine - every childhood illness required taking both a chinese herbal remedy followed by paracetamol. But a mix of ethnicity isn’t the only thing she brings to the table, juggling a job in finance while attending glamorous balls and travelling around the italian countryside, Ami wants to make every moment count and she is already stockpiling AWKN to help.

    Favourite drink: Nothing better than a summertime Aperol Spritz

  • Nina

    Hailing sort of from Germany and sort of from China and having spent most of her life abroad, Nina’s never been one to shy from a challenge. Her diverse experience extends to the corporate world, holding roles in finance, start-ups, and a brief stint as a bouncer at Le Baron, Shanghai. An avid user of Korean remedies like AWKN herself, Nina can’t wait for you to experience our product too.

    Favourite drink: Gin everything & a true love for beer

  • Lucy

    Whether it's skydiving in Namibia, clubbing in Buenos Aires or escaping the police in Cairo, Lucy’s passion for travel, adventure and music knows no bounds (Cercle, call me ;)). “Responsibly irresponsible” may just be her mantra so she balances the play with a “day-to-night” job in finance. Having worked in Korea, she was curious to understand how the locals could party all night and work all day - turns out they had a little help and she’s excited to share it with you.

    Favourite drink: Vodka soda lime or Mezcal on those wild night

  • Soom

    Born in Korea, Soom grew up in Seoul, New York, Philadelphia and is currently based in Berlin as an Art Director. She’s in charge of the look and feel for AWKN and making sure that all customer experiences are up to the highest standard to what we promise. From her experiences on navigating the wild nightlife of Seoul, she brings her know-how about traditional Korean hangover remedies to AWKN. Fun fyi, Tess and Soom are actually sisters ;)

    Favourite drink: Gin tonic with lime, never cucumbers

  • Tess

    What do Korean corporate functions, tech company events and MBA parties have in common? A lot of drinking. Thanks to the help from the traditional herbal hangover cures in Korea, Tess was able to socialise but also bring her A-game the next day. Noticing a lack of similar products in western markets, Tess was eager to bring this amazing goodness to more people outside of Korea. Hence, AWKN, the comprehensive product that includes all of the powerful ingredients that help you become the better you the next day!

    Favourite drinks: Wine, Negroni, Vodka soda

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Our Promise

We promise to offer our formula that will help you feel better than you ever have after a wild night out and ready to take on the next day. Made with thoughtful ingredients that bring the best of nature and science with balance.


We bring together the natural traditional remedies from Korea with modern science and are committed to creating effective formulas that are gentle to our body.


We are obsessive about the quality of our ingredients. We constantly optimize our formulation and have a zero tolerance policy for harmful ingredients.


We use only the necessary natural ingredients proven to reduce the effects of a big night out and accelerate your revival to conquer the day.